25+ Types of Hotel Rooms from Singles to Presidential Suites & More
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There are countless types of hotel rooms out there, from jacuzzi suites to double-doubles.

But, what do they all mean?

In this quick hotel room type glossary, we give you more than 25 of the most common types of hotel rooms offered around the world.

this queen bed hotel room is one of the most common types of hotel rooms out there
Taken by M. Spiske via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Here they are:

Accessible Room – An accessible room is a standard hotel room with features specifically designed for disabled guests, such as hold bars in the bathroom or a wider doorway. It is usually required by law in most states and countries that hotels provide a certain number of accessible rooms to avoid discrimination.

Adjacent RoomsAdjacent rooms are two rooms next to one another in proximity; however, they don’t necessarily have to “touch,” as they could be across the hall from each other, for example.

Adjoining RoomsAdjoining rooms are two rooms with a common wall, but not necessarily a connecting door (see: connecting rooms).

[Read our complete article listing the differences of adjoining rooms and adjacent rooms.]

Apartment Hotel Room – The apartment hotel room type is one offering all the features common to daily living, which is much more than a standard hotel room would offer. Also known as extended stay hotel rooms, apartments can be rented in buildings with serviced apartments, through networks such as Airbnb, and via hotels marketing to longer-staying guests. Unlike a standard hotel room, housekeeping is provided less often, usually once per week rather than each day. However, apartment rooms have a full range of amenities, and guests can expect to find dishwashers, a full stovetop range, oven, microwaves, washer and dryer, and other appliances common in a home.

Cabana – A cabana room is a type of room that usually fronts a swimming pool or beach directly outside, though hotels differ on the definition when they offer a it. Many cabana rooms have a private pool attached to the room, sort of like a pool suite.

Connecting RoomsConnecting rooms are two rooms which both have individual entrance doors from the outside hallway as well as a connecting door between them. Guests can move between connecting rooms without going through the hallway, effectively transforming it into a much larger room.

Dorm Room – A dorm room is a type of accommodations where multiple residents or guests not associated with each other share a single room with separate beds. Popularized as an inexpensive form of university housing, dorm rooms are common in hostels. Hostels often offer different levels of privacy, such as 4-bed dorms, 6-bed dorms, 8-bed dorms, and others. The fewer the beds or bunks, the more private and expensive.

Double – A double room is a room assigned to two people; it may have one or more beds.

Double-Double – A double-double room is a room with two double beds (or sometimes two queen-sized beds). A double-double may be occupied by one or more guests.

Duplex Room/Suite – A duplex room or duplex suite is a room which is split into two levels. Often, the bottom floor will be a more common area, with a kitchenette and a living room or lounge, while the top floor may be a loft space or mezzanine with just a bed or a full bedroom.

Executive Room – An executive room is a hotel room tailored to business guests, usually offering access to an exclusive executive lounge and located on the executive floors, which are usually the second-highest floor level of the hotel (after penthouse floors). Some hotels even provide female executive floors with entire levels of executive rooms assigned to female guests only for safety, privacy, and security reasons.

Extended Stay Hotel Room – See apartment hotel room.

Junior Suite – A junior suite is often made up of a single room with a bed and separate sitting area. Sometimes, however, the sleeping area may be located in a bedroom separate from the parlour or lounge space.

King – A king room is a hotel room offering a king-sized bed, and it may be occupied by one or more people.

Master Suite – A master suite is larger than a junior suite, usually having a parlour or living room and one or more separate bedrooms.

Mini-Suite – See junior suite.

Murphy Room – A Murphy room is a hotel room that is fitted with a Murphy bed (a stowaway bed that folds out of a wall or closet). Murphy hotel rooms may be smaller in area, and the foldaway bed saves space during the day. At night, the area can be transformed from a living room to a sleeping area.

Penthouse Suite – A penthouse suite is a room located on the topmost floors of a hotel. Penthouse suites rank among the most expensive rooms in a hotel, often offering several bedrooms, a living room, multiple bathrooms, a kitchen, and one incredible city view.

Presidential Suite – The presidential suite, when offered by a hotel, is usually the most expensive room. Most times, only one president’s suite is available in a single hotel property. A presidential suite often offers several bedrooms, a living room, multiple bathrooms, a kitchen, staff quarters, and extra security and privacy compared to other hotel rooms.

Pool Suite – A pool suite is a hotel room type which combines general suite options, such as a bedroom separated from a living space, while having a private pool attached, often right outside on the patio or balcony.

Pool Access Room – A pool access room is a hotel room located on the same floor as the hotel’s or resort’s swimming pool and offering a private doorway which leads directly to that pool.

Quad – A quad room is a type of hotel room assigned to four people, and it may include two or more beds, depending on the configuration.

Queen – A queen room is a standard hotel room type with a queen-sized bed.

Royal Suite – See presidential suite.

Single – A single room is a type of hotel room assigned to one guest. However, a single room may include one or more beds.

Studio – A studio hotel room is an apartment-like hotel room, often in a serviced-apartment building or extended stay hotel property. A studio room is usually a single room and a bathroom, similar to a standard studio apartment.

Smoking Room – A smoking room is a type of hotel room the hotel or resort has designated is allowed for smoking within. A smoking hotel room is one of the hotel room types decreasing in popularity, as most hotel rooms are non-smoking rooms by default.

Triple – A triple room is a hotel room assigned to three people.

Twin – A twin room is a hotel room with two beds, and often those beds are twin-sized, or single beds.

Villa – A villa is a type of room at resorts and luxury hotel properties which is separate from the main building of the hotel or resort. As a standalone building, it usually offers guests more privacy and a more exclusive experience.

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Well, that’s all we have for the various types of hotel rooms. Do you have any other hotel or resort room types to add? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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