3 Fashion Items To Buy When Travelling in Italy

Italy is world-famous for its craftsmanship, especially when it comes to fashion. Along with Italy being known for incredible style and quality, it makes a trip to Italy also a great time to invest in some key pieces that Italy is known for. Most people that visit Italy end up leaving with at least a piece or two that they invested in. And because of the quality, they can cherish their new item(s) for years to come. With so many high-quality items, it is useful to consider what you intend on purchasing ahead of time. This is because it can also influence how you pack for your trip. While visiting, you should most definitely take advantage and check out these fashion items to buy when travelling in Italy.

Leather Goods

Leather goods are widely known to be of incredible quality when made in Italy. So whether you are interested in a pair of shoes, a handbag, a belt, an accessory, or really any leather detail, this is the place to invest in all of the above. There are leather goods available at all price ranges. So as long as you keep quality in mind during your search, you can find some incredible pieces. They will last you years to come and even make for great items to pass down. 

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Italian jewellery is beautiful and elegant, and watches designed and made in Italy are famous for their beauty. Popular brands include Bulgari and many more, and you can really find gorgeous watches in Italy from high-end to more affordable at almost every price point. If you’re shopping for watches in Milan, Pisa Orologeria is a must-visit. It has an incredible selection of luxury watches and even just the experience of visiting will be one you’ll remember forever.


Cashmere is beautiful and high-quality in Italy. If you are looking to invest, spend some time shopping for cashmere items while in Italy. If you are in the market for something small and a bit more affordable, consider buying a shawl to wear on your trip while in Italy and to take home with you. It packs down well and you’ll get a lot of wear out of it while in Italy. This is because you can simply drape it over your shoulders on a chilly evening. Or you could add a touch of elegance to any outfit simply for style purposes. 

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Leather Belts

While these are 3 fashion items to buy when travelling in Italy, the list of authentic Italian products to buy while visiting is extensive. For example, wine, olive oil and chocolate are also wonderful items to invest in while in Italy both for the quality and to also reminisce about your trip to Italy once you arrive back home. 

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