5 Important Tips for Preparing for a Hiking Trip (Both Solo or With Others)
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hiking trip in Chile preparing for a hiking trip tips
Taken by Toomas Tartes via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

The ability to social distance and be in the open air makes hiking a great way to spend your time while getting some exercise.

Planning beforehand is an essential part of the trip. You want to ensure that you have the necessary items and knowledge to feel both safe and successful during your trek. Whether a one-day adventure or something more drawn out, knowing what you’ll need is key.

Here are a few tips for preparing for a hiking trip that may help you get ready. 

Share Your Plans

If you’ve hiked before, you know that our phones aren’t always reliable. They can lose service, power, or be damaged. So, before you venture out, share your plans with someone. If you don’t return in a predicted amount of time, someone should know how to retrace your steps.

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Weight Matters

If you hold your arms up long enough, that simple movement will tire them out. Therefore, consider how the weight of even light things can feel over time. When packing, pack only necessary items—and nothing more. You want to safely enjoy your hike without getting unnecessarily bogged down.

Your Consumption

Bring enough water to stay hydrated. When hiking and sweating, even in cooler weather, you’re losing water. Strength relies on your body’s retained water amount, and dehydration can cause fatigue. If you don’t want to carry a lot of water but think you’ll be gone for a while, consider products that filter water. Additionally, pack protein-rich snacks to maintain your strength.

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Proper Attire

There are many different materials of clothing that can contribute to a safer, more comfortable adventure. Be sure to gather materials that wick away moisture, bring a spare pair of socks, and dress in layers. Boots are very important because they need to allow you to move about and keep your feet dry—but they must be the right size.

It’s essential that you know how to determine your boot size because you don’t want to find your feet are too cramped and get stuck in the middle of nowhere with throbbing toenails. Test apparel out at different distanced hikes before going all the way.

Safety Measures

There are many safety measures you should take while hiking. Everything mentioned so far is part of keeping you safe and healthy on your hike. To stay protected, you should also build up to more difficult trails and choose ones you know you can handle.

If possible, you should have a hiking companion as well. Bring a few essential first-aid supplies and a multi-use tool. Finally, always pay attention to your surroundings and rely on the senses you have to determine unsafe situations.

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There are many tips for preparing for a hiking trip. Surely, as you continue to gain confidence and proficiency in your hiking, you’ll have your own pointers. Above all else, sustainability, comfortability, and safety are the name of the game; by keeping these factors in mind, you may truly enjoy the great outdoors to the very fullest.

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