6 Amazing Budget-Friendly Family Summer Holiday Destinations

Summer is when the warm sunshine beckons you to go on a gorgeous getaway.  But does your budget allow you to enjoy the best the world has to offer? No, neither does ours. But not to worry, despite what most people say, a holiday need not be expensive to be exciting. There are a lot of places around the world just waiting to be discovered without having to flash too much cash. Read on and find out more about 6 amazing budget-friendly family summer holiday destinations.


Museum in Gdansk, Poland 2

Poland might not always top the summer destination list, but it is worth visiting.  With its dramatic history, picturesque parks, UNESCO World Heritage sites, pristine coastlines, incredible cuisine and cheap beer, Poland is a wealth of undiscovered wonders.

Beyond the astonishing sights of Krakow and Warsaw, you will find the Szczecin underground tunnels, the Slowinski National Park on the Baltic Coast, the beautiful seaside city of Gdansk, and the historic trading and military port of Lublin.


New Delhi, India

India has always drawn visitors all year round. But summer might be one of the best seasons to explore the country.  Comfortably warm and delightfully sunny in summer, once you get there touring around North India is an ideal holiday. Especially if you are looking for a budget-friendly break, as it’s dirt cheap to live while your there. From the fabulous landscapes of Ladakh to the modern city of New Delhi and adventure sports in Rishikesh on the foothills of the Himalayas, there is plenty to do.

More importantly, India steadily ranks in the list of countries with the best price competitiveness. The luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and deluxe transport are all relatively affordable.


Morocco, Africa

Not even the sweltering temperature of summer can ruin Morocco’s charm. It remains a wealth of vibrant cultural experiences. Together with unique historical sights and landscapes that range from vast deserts to pristine beaches. With its streets mostly deserted by tourists who want to escape the heat, summer provides you with the chance to meet its lovely locals and experience genuine Moroccan hospitality.

Visiting Morocco during off-season brings a welcome surprise. This includes huge discounts on accommodation prices, lively music festivals and not forgetting warm nights of culinary adventures. On top of this, summer is unquestionably the best time to witness a breathtaking view of the blazing sun shimmering over the country’s sandy coastline. 


Lisbon, Portugal

Due to its strategic location, Portugal’s climate is ideal for cycling all year round. Cycling is a healthy and budget-friendly way to enjoy family time while not spending too many euros, just make sure you look into cycling holiday insurance before you set off. Summer is when meadows abound with wildflowers, skies turn impossibly blue and the weather becomes pleasantly sunny. Therefore making it the ideal season for exploring the country.

With Portugal’s great backroads, well-developed trails, and an almost car-free environment, a cycling tour is not only practical and convenient but also a unique means of immersing in the country’s traditions, flavours, and culture. More importantly, cycling is the most cost-efficient way of discovering Portugal’s various heritage sites, wine estates, and lush vineyards.


Havana, Cuba

Summer in Cuba is intense. Both in temperature and tourist arrivals.  With its stunning beaches, intriguing culture, sumptuous cuisine and distinct music, Cuba attracts hundreds of visitors yearly to central America

The good news is Cuba is notably affordable. Especially compared to other Caribbean islands.  You can scout the neighbourhood for reasonably-priced guesthouses locally known as casa particulares. Together with exploring the streets for delicious but cheap delicacies.  Aside from its world-class diving sites such as the ones at the Bay of Pigs, Cuba also offers exciting jungle and wildlife tours. 


Old Town San Diego, California

The best things in life are free.  Perhaps no other place in the United States embodies this saying as much as San Diego, especially in summer. The city might be on the pricey side, but its most beautiful attractions come at a surprisingly low cost, if not free. 

Take, for instance, its long stretches of stunning coastline, all day sunshine, miles of scenic drives, outdoor concerts and movies, tons of festivals, food trucks, farm markets, and refreshing mountain treks. 

We hope this list helps you when considering budget-friendly family summer holiday destinations!

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