7 Unique Souvenirs, Trinkets & Other Things to Collect on Your Travels
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  • Post published:19/05/2021
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Many people like to bring home souvenirs and trinkets to remind them of their travels.

Collecting items on trips can be a fun pastime, and the objects can act as seamless conversation starters in your home. When you purchase an item in each place you visit, whether it’s each city or each country, you’ll be sure to not only remember your trip, but also have a collection of cool items to display at home. Cheap keychains and unidentified seashells can pile up in your home, but there are some other unique things to collect on your travels.

souvenirs, trinkets, and things to collect while traveling
Taken by M. Winkler via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Here are 7 ideas for things to collect on your next vacation:

1. Hats

Whether you’re more of a baseball cap, fedora, or sun hat person, there’s bound to be some sort of hat shop in every city or country you visit. Consider an ushanka from Russia, a fez from Morocco, or a sombrero from Mexico. Once you return, you can wear your hat and even display it on a hat hook.

2. Art

Collecting art isn’t just a way to liven up your home and add some layers of culture—it can be a great investment, too. You can entirely customize your art collection, and you don’t have to have the budget to bid on a famous piece in a gallery. Collect art made by the people who live wherever you’re visiting. Checking out street markets is a great experience and an opportunity to find the next piece to add to your collection.

3. Tickets

This is a low-cost souvenir option that really commemorates exactly what your trip was like. Keep all the tickets, receipts, and brochures you acquire during your trip. Bring a folder with you so that you have a safe place to keep them all without bending, breaking, or losing any. When you get home, invest in a small storage box or a mason jar in which to keep all your memories.

4. Books

Wander into a bookstore wherever you go and pick out a book written in the country’s native language by someone from the place you’re visiting. Start the collection on your bookshelf and rotate which one you keep as a coffee table book. You can even try to take up a new language by reading the books in other languages.

Since we brought up books, take a look at our top travel books to read.

5. Cigars

A timeless souvenir and popular hobby, cigars are perfect items to take home from your travels. At home, keep them in a humidor to preserve their quality. A nice humidor full of exotic cigars is a great conversation piece, and it can turn into a fun hobby for you in your spare time. Learn how to properly cut and how to light a cigar to impress your friends back home with your knowledge.

6. Perfume or Cologne

This is a useful and fun souvenir to bring back. Every time you smell or wear the scent, you’ll be transported back to the time and the location in which you bought it. You can get the signature scent of the city or country to which you traveled. Start a collection and display the bottles on your dresser or in your bathroom on a decorative tray.

7. Gemstone of the country or region

Each country typically has a gemstone unique to its region or nation, like Baltic amber in Latvia or emeralds from Colombia. This collection can be quite versatile. You could collect the stones as simple rocks or invest in carved stones or jewelry. With such a diverse collection, the possibilities and stories you’ll be able to tell are endless.

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