Africa: 10 Reasons to Embark on a Couples Safari 

There are few destinations in the world that are not only romantic but awaken your senses as well. From the shrill calls of the fish eagle to the goosebumps induced by the roar of the big cats, if you and your partner are seeking a setting steeped with adventure and romance, look no further than Africa. A couples safari could be the getaway that ticks all of your boxes.

You may be considering an African safari with your loved one but are still to decide? If so, these ten compelling reasons will have you packing your bags for an unforgettable travel experience. It will be unlike any other trip either of you may have taken at any time in your life. 

You will get to share a lot of intimate moments while on a couples safari, without the hordes of people you would find at most all-inclusive resorts. After you read this article, you will be off to book your African safari with Naturetrek in no time! 


There are several locations spread across Africa that will allow you to uncover untamed wilderness and an abundance of wildlife. The beauty of such spots and the exquisite romantic places are catered to match the fancy of newlyweds and long-married couples alike.

Plush lodges situated by mountain streams, with rock pools to bathe in are a great draw. Moreover, the wine and gorgeous food only help in rekindling passions amid unspoilt bushveld. As you raise a champagne toast to your spouse against a spectacular sunset, you will know you are in the most romantic spot in Africa.

Enjoy sundowners at Sindabezi Island, Zambia

Conveniently nestled on a private island on the Zambezi River. Each thatched chalet on Sindabezi Island,

near Victoria Falls, enjoys a secluded location at the edge of the water.

Here couples can enjoy great views of the river and the wildlife beyond. You can also indulge in candlelit dinners under the stars. And if your budget permits, why not book the island privately or share it with your nearest and dearest? Perhaps for a special occasion? This will offer you a true sense of adventure and romance.

Okavango Delta, Botswana

This is not only one of the seven natural wonders of Africa but an ideal getaway for couples. The Delta features a number of discreet lodges situated on the banks of the waterways. The area is teeming with a variety of wildlife, therefore, you will be able to see the animals up close.

Share intimate moments with your partner on a river safari in a dugout canoe. From here you can watch wild animals as they come to quench their thirst. Accessible by a small aircraft, these remote lodges offer a unique and private wildlife experience.


There is nothing more exciting and thrilling than sitting with a glowing lantern in a safari tent snuggled up with the love of your life. As you drift off to sleep to the sounds in the African darkness, you will feel as if you are the only couple within a hundred miles 

Honeymooners and couples of all ages can experience candlelit dinners in the privacy of their tent or under the starry skies. Game drives can be arranged privately and for those who want some solitude, the private verandah of your lodge overlooking the waterhole is the best place to spend the day.

Safari dining

When on a romantic couple’s getaway, dining becomes all the more exciting. This is because of the setting where the meal is served. From a delicious breakfast set up in the bush to a lazy lunch overlooking a waterhole from the comfort of your suite, the culinary treats on an African safari are endless.

Once back from the last game drive, find an intimate table under the stars for the ultimate wine and dine experience. When done the right way, you will never be short of food or love on a safari to Africa.

Seychelles, Indian Ocean

If you are an avid island enthusiast, then consider the soft white sands and warm turquoise blue waters of Seychelles as your next destination. This popular couple safari destination is packed with adventure activities and days of sunbathing by the poolside.

From relaxation therapies, diving, snorkelling, and a visit to a marine reserve combined with the best local hospitality, Seychelles is one place you and your partner will never wish to leave.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

It is hard to find a better place in Africa where you can enjoy wildlife and a romantic time than in the famous Kruger National Park. With over 500 bird species and 140 types of mammals, Kruger has become an important honeymoon as well as a wildlife destination.

The biggest draw in Kruger are the Big Five safaris, which can be tailored for couples at the best locations. Not to forget the surreal African sunset. You can sip your favourite drink with your partner in a setting quite like no other.

Masai Mara, Kenya

Being the birthplace of safaris, Kenya rightly occupies the pole position as the most sought after destination on the continent. Home to the iconic Big Five and lying on the route of the Great Migration, Kenya is worthy of the status of a leading romantic getaway.

Here you can click ice-filled glasses of gin at the end of a blissful day. A toast few couples will ever forget. Kenya will make you fall in love even more. There is something about this enchanting place that can intertwine the romance of staying under canvas with the beauty of the wild.

The Road Less Travelled

Going on an offbeat safari in Africa with your soulmate may seem scary and overwhelming. However, often the challenges faced in the wilderness, which may be out of your comfort zone, only help in teaching new things to you and your partner.

Growing and learning together is an important part of the African safari experience. The right couples safari in Africa will be a thrilling and life-changing experience for both of you.

Romantic Beach Escapes

Whether you opt for the historical coastal town of Mombasa or the exotic islands of Zanzibar you are sure to find all the ingredients of a romantic holiday in Africa.

From Diani to the lesser-known Isles of Pemba, there are many things that will keep you and your partner enthralled, including:

  • Humpback whale watching
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Skydiving

For the more adventurous, any type of private couples safari can be crafted to suit your needs.

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