England: 5 Alternative Things To Do In London

London is one of the best places for a staycation in the UK. You can immerse yourself in British culture and learn all about the history of the city. The city is filled with tourist attractions, from the Tower of London to the British History Museum. However, instead of queueing for these attractions, you could see London in a different way. Visit the less crowded sites and experience the capital city like a real Londoner. 

London is a huge city, and you can’t possibly visit every site in one weekend. You need to prioritise activities, pre-book restaurants and plan your days. It is possible to fit a lot into one weekend with some simple preparation and research. You could stay in one of London’s serviced apartments and try something a little different from the usual hotel stay. 

Here are five alternative things you could do on a weekend trip in London. 

Vintage Shopping

Spend the weekend touring the various shopping districts and pop into a few vintage stores around London. Head to Portobello Road and Ladbroke Grove for some of the best vintage shopping in England. Look out for Emma Goldman Vintage and Costumer, One of a Kind Archive, Karen Vintage Boutique, and more. You might just find a hidden treasure on your vintage treasure hunt. 

London Transport Circuit

London is somewhat famous for its transport system. The red double-decker buses and underground network is an iconic part of the city. Make the London transport system a part of your sight-seeing day and enjoy the riverboats, open-top buses and underground tubes. You can get a real taste of London on the public transport system.

Food and Drink Tour

You can eat pretty much any cuisine in London. You could spend a weekend trying lots of different cuisines from all over the world. Have Mexican for lunch and Lebanese for dinner or stick to traditional English pub food. There are numerous dining experiences to choose from around the city, and you can enjoy the usual attractions in between. 

Music Tour

London has housed some of the most famous musicians in history. The Beatles photographed their infamous album cover just outside of Abbey Road, and there is an entire museum dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. You can even grab an Instagram photo with the David Bowie murals. 

Sporting Venue Tour

Sports fans can head to London to experience the range of world-class sporting venues. You can explore famous sites like Wimbledon, Lords, Stamford Bridge and Twickenham. You might even be lucky to get tickets to a live event while you’re in the capital. There is a sporting experience for everyone in London and plenty of pubs to celebrate in afterwards. 

Spend a staycation in London this year and explore a few unusual places. You might be surprised by just how much the city has to offer.

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