England: Why We’re Planning A Post-Covid Trip To Manchester & What We Love About The City

Manchester is a city that we have visited too many times to count over the years. If Mr ESLT’s job didn’t rely on being close to the River Humber, it’s a city that we could genuinely see ourselves living in. Therefore whenever we get the chance, this northern powerhouse is one of our favourites for a cheeky weekend away. We’ve visited both together and independently with friends. Obviously at the moment travel is well and truly off the cards. Even a simple jaunt (and one we once took for granted) down the M62 is just not doable. But there is no denying we love the city and are planning a post-covid trip to Manchester (or 10) already.

Once the pandemic is over, or at least we have returned to a reasonable level of freedom, Manchester is near the top of places to visit list. It is possible that things may not return to ‘normal’ for a long time. However, even with predicted social distancing measures and face masks being in place until the end of the year, that does not mean we will not be able to travel until then. Well, we are keeping our fingers crossed at least. Therefore, based on what we are being told by our government and the rate of vaccinations we could be looking at late spring/early summer for our next Manchester fix.

Here are some of the things we are looking forward to:


Corn Exchange Manchester, England

Regardless of what sort of nightlife you like, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city and one of the main reasons we are planning a post-Covid trip to Manchester, kid-free of course.

If food is your thing, Manchester offers a smorgasbord of dining options. From fine dining right through to street food with several cafe bars and chain restaurants (check out The Printworks, Corn Exchange and surrounding Exchange Square) in between, we’re sure you will find something to whet your appetite in Manchester.

Manchester is also home to every sort of drinking establishment that you can imagine. From back street traditional boozers through to uber contemporary rooftop bars and as with any major city, nightclubs that stay open till 3 am. We think it’s safe to say Manchester has one of the most varied night scenes in the North.

Some of the key drinking spots in the city include Deansgate Locks, The Printworks, The Northern Quarter, Spinningfields and the Gay Village.


Selfridges & Co. Manchester, England

Our hometown is not the greatest, in fact, shops are closing all of the time. We know this is the case in a number of cities as town centres and high streets have suffered over the past few years due to online shopping. However, Manchester is still a great place to head if you want to shop until you drop and one of the reasons we can’t wait to be able to visit again.

If you are looking for a designer treat then Harvey Nichols (we can also highly recommend the afternoon tea) and Selfridges are the places to head. However, if you prefer more quirky independent shops then the Northern Quarter, which is home to shops such as Nola, Oklahoma and the popular Thunderegg is the place to head.

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Add into the mix the Arndale Centre, the Trafford Centre and Manchester’s amazing Christmas markets located in Albert Square, which of course were cancelled for Christmas 2020, and we’re sure you will buy either yourself or a loved one a gift or two from one of the many shops/stalls.

Music Scene

Music is one of the reasons we are Planning A Post-Covid Trip To Manchester

Manchester is and has been the hometown of several famous singers and bands including The Smiths, The Stone Roses and of course Oasis. From the Madchester days of indie music and the infamous Haçienda music venue of the late 1980s right through to modern-day, music plays an important in making Manchester what it is.

Over the years we have been to a number of gigs in Manchester. From Old Trafford Cricket Ground through to Heaton Park together with Etihad Stadium, the Manchester Arena and even the Manchester Academy at Manchester University (yes, we were possibility the oldest people in the audience). As a big city not only does it showcase its own talents but also draws in the big names in the music biz too.

At the moment its hard to even imagine being crammed into a music venue again with thousands of other people with less than 2cm between you, let alone 2 metres. But we have to stay positive and hope that sooner rather than later social distancing will be a thing of the past and we will be able to return to Manchester again and indulge in one of our passions, live music.

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Sport is one of the reasons we are Planning A Post-Covid Trip To Manchester

Manchester is also a city we have visited over the years for a number of sporting events. Mr ESLT loves cricket, rugby and football (yes, he is a Manchester United fan), therefore he visits Manchester a few times a year for an array of sporting fixtures and sometimes drags me along too.

Because of Covid, 2020 was a complete write off on the sporting front, therefore he is eager to see sport live again. As with music, it seems quite alien at the moment to think of packed out stadiums all cheering their team on. But again, just because we cannot do it at the moment does not mean that in time we won’t be able to do it again.

Here’s to the return of one-day internationals, test and T20 cricket, Premiership football and the Super League Grand Final to Manchester as soon as possible.

So here are our reasons for planning a post-Covid trip to Manchester, what city are you excited to get back to and what are your reasons. Please let us know.

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