Everything You Need To Become a Travel Photographer: Ultimate Guide
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what to know to become a travel photographer and do photography travel career
Taken by Jakob Owens via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Do you adore travel and have a passion for photography? Do you bring your camera along on each of your trips specifically to take artistic photographs of the scenery?

Why not combine your two passions into one hobby or career by becoming a travel photographer?

The life of a travel photographer is an exotic one—they travel from place to place, taking photos of gorgeous landscapes, local attractions, native wildlife, and more. Often, these photographers are hired and paid by magazines, travel agencies, hotels, and similar businesses.

But what does it take to land this career?

This guide will teach you about everything you need to become a travel photographer.

Solid Goals

Before you begin your career as a travel photographer, it’s important to set some solid goals for yourself. This will give your career direction and help you to determine that it’s the best one for you.

Why do you want to become a travel photographer in the first place?

Do you want to work as a freelancer?

What types of business do you want to work for?

Is there a certain location or type of photography that you want to focus on for your work?

Asking yourself these and other questions will help you to set a direction for your career.

The Skills

A career as a travel photographer requires some experience and a certain set of skills. Before you start looking for jobs, be sure you have the necessary photography experience to get hired. If you haven’t yet taken a photography course, now would be the time to do that, as it will help you learn the different styles and techniques of photography.

Additionally, make sure you have some photo editing skills, as those are helpful for any photographer to have. If you need to gain a little experience before beginning your career, consider taking on a photography internship to learn the ropes.

The Equipment

If you intend to be a professional photographer, it’s essential that you have the equipment you need to take professional photos. A quality camera is a must, as you’ll need that piece of equipment for every shoot you ever do. In addition to your camera, it’s helpful to bring some other lightweight equipment with you when you travel—lenses, filters, lighting equipment, and stabilizers are all good to have.

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A Portfolio

Having the right skills and equipment is great, but if you want to be hired, you’ll need a comprehensive portfolio to show to potential clients. It’s okay if your portfolio is small when you’re first starting out—you can always add to it later.

Include examples of your work in different styles and from various locations. Your portfolio can be a gallery online or a PDF that you can easily show your clients. Once you create your portfolio, be sure to update it regularly.

The Ability To Travel

Now, this one seems obvious, but in order to be a travel photographer, you need to have the ability to travel! Depending on your project and who hires you, your travel may be paid for, but in many situations, travel photographers will need to pay their own way to their destinations. Save up some money and be prepared for the monetary expense and time that traveling regularly will cost you.

And there you have it—everything you need to become a travel photographer. If you follow this advice, you’ll be well on your way to beginning a new career which will allow you to see the world and express yourself creatively!

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