Hard-Shell Vs Soft-Shell: Which Luggage Suits Your Travel Style?

Whether you are a frequent traveller or you just like the occasional road trip, there are so many options when shopping for luggage. There are many shapes and sizes, patterns, and features to choose from. It can become a little overwhelming, especially if want to make the right decision as a consumer with regard to which luggage suits your travel style. 

No one wants to waste money on unnecessary items. One of the biggest aesthetic and practical challenges that people face is choosing either a hard-shell or soft-shell luggage. It is wise to make an educated decision before purchasing your bags. Here are some advantages and disadvantages for both.

Benefits of Soft-Shell Luggage

Soft-shell luggage has many benefits. Most travellers will choose this type of luggage because it has a reputation of being easier to travel with. But recent technology has changed this stereotype. 

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This type of luggage might be easier to put into overhead compartments because its soft exterior is more pliable. However, this is not the only criteria you should use to choose this type of luggage. 

Since the shell is soft, travellers can pack more items into the bag, and it is easy to store when you are not on the road. Soft-shell bags usually have pockets on the outside to give easy access to items like passports, wallets, or boarding passes. 

In addition to being lightweight, these bags are easier to clean. You can remove stains using laundry soap with ease.

Disadvantages of Soft-Shell Luggage

Soft-shell luggage is cheaper for a reason. None of us expect the worst to happen when we are travelling, but these bags tend to tear or snag easily. There is also not much protection for the items inside the luggage because the contents inside can be damaged by the weather or could be accidentally crushed if something heavy is placed on top. 

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These bags are just not as durable as hard-shell travel gear. Worse, thieves may find it easier to gain access to the bag by simply using a sharp tool to cut the exterior. Another disadvantage is that the fabric gets dirty easier and can be a breeding place for germs.

Ultimately though, we all want a suitcase that lasts, and maybe there are better options than a soft-shell suitcase!

Benefits of Hard-Shell Luggage

There are several perks to owning hard-shell luggage. The protection that these bags offer is comparable to none. Your contents are protected, and it acts as a deterrent to thieves who look for easy targets. 

Hard-shell luggage is notably more durable and can last a lot longer with the proper care. It is more convenient when traveling because it stays upright and balanced. These bags are also easier to clean and sanitize.

Some of the latest technological developments that have been implemented on hard-shell luggage include features such as charging ports, RFID blocking material, and Bluetooth-enabled locking mechanisms. Some of these bags have sensors that will follow you wherever you go—allowing you to relax or carry other things you need on your trip.

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Disadvantages of Hard-Shell Luggage

There are a few disadvantages of owning hard-shell luggage. There may be a slight inconvenience because these types of luggage have not been as flexible in the past and were not used as carry-on bags. 

Aside from that, the hard exterior can make it challenging to store when you are not travelling. Most of all, these bags lack convenient outer pockets and are also prone to scratches.

So which luggage suits your travel style? Shopping for luggage should be easier now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of both. We all deserve to have a bag that protects our belongings, is efficient, and compliments the way we travel.

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