How To Plan a Memorable Spring Break Getaway

The weather may be frigid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t warm up to the idea of getting away for spring break in local, tropical, or international locations. Usually, at this time of year, there are only several weeks until many students prepare to embark on the quintessential college getaway with friends and plans start to evolve into solidified realities. Panic may also start to kick in. Therefore here are a few tips to plan a memorable spring break.

Choose a Destination

Choose a destination that you and your friends want to go to — not a common hotspot just because it is the ‘normal’ thing to do. If getting crazy in Cancun is not your idea of fun, opt for relaxation on a chill island, an adventure in Europe, or a ski trip in Colorado. If you would rather donate your time, join a mission or community service trip through your university or favourite philanthropy. For career-minded students, check if your school offers internships or tours while you are on break at companies that pique your interest. If getting on a plane is too much effort and money, don’t feel bad about chilling at home with family.

Stick to a Budget

It can be hard to stay on a budget when planning a big trip. With tourist temptations on every corner, it is easy to get caught up and overspend. Don’t use your credit card — just don’t do it. Having a card on hand in case of emergency is essential, but swiping until your heart’s content will make you and your wallet unhappy in the long run. Take a set amount of cash with you — some for spending and some for emergency purposes — and you will find it is much easier to control when it is visibly dwindling as the trip continues. Indulge in something if you feel you cannot live without it or you cannot leave without doing it, but don’t agree to it if you won’t appreciate it after the fact.

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Rent a House

Renting a house, townhouse, or condo can be surprisingly affordable. For even more savings, divide the cost of one holiday rental home with friends or family. Though it’s not true in all cases, many travellers find that renting a home is much cheaper than renting enough hotel rooms to accommodate their entire group. You should find a house with important deck features for hosting outdoor gatherings like a barbecue. A large group of friends will be spread out among several rooms in a hotel, possibly on different sides of the building. A house, townhouse, or condo lets you all stay together, so everyone is easy to find and include in the fun.

Make a To-Do List

Travelling is fun and exciting, but even the most meticulous packer might forget something at home. We’ve all been there before and for some of us, it has taught us a very important lesson. Your holiday time is too important to put off packing for your trip until the night before you leave. Plus we tend to forget things when we are pressed for time, which could lead to unplanned holiday expenses if you need to replace items while you’re away. Making a to-do list will help you to remember all the important things you’ll need to pack and the necessary things you need to do before you leave.

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Book Far in Advance

Booking hotels and flights can be a major headache in planning your holiday. The easiest way to avoid astronomical costs and complications is to book as far in advance as possible. Be sure to compare round-trip flights on as many travel and airline websites as possible. It is important to note that you should not book the least expensive airline just because it is cheapest — make sure to verify that the company is reliable and has decent ratings. 


The sooner you start to plan a memorable spring break, the better your trip will be. As a rule, basic planning starts 5 months before the event. Researching and reading reviews on websites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor helps find clean, reasonably priced, and safe places to stay. Doing the right amount of research before your trip will help you to avoid any unnecessary catastrophes and you’ll be well prepared for anything unexpected.

Make a Bucket List

From the start of your planning, gather your friends and create a running list of activities and other events everyone wants to conquer. Even if you don’t follow it and decide to go with the flow, it is a great tool to quickly conjure up ideas when you are hungry and searching for good eats or looking for a new party spot to check out when your original plans fell through. Create a Google doc so everyone can access it and edit it at any time, providing a personal planner at your fingertips.

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Be Responsible

As students, you most likely hear this all the time, but it is crucial to be careful about drinking during spring break. Being responsible while you’re on holiday can help avoid embarrassment, poor decisions, and health risks that can ruin a holiday entirely. Research the liquor laws of your destination, not only for the drinking age but also for laws about open containers, drinking on the beach or in public, etc. Avoid drinking and staying out in the sun—alcohol consumption can lead to behavioural changes that increase the risk of sunburn. It is important to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, whether one chooses to drink alcohol or not. If swimming in the ocean, be careful of riptides and other hazardous conditions. Getting injured—especially in foreign countries—can be an uncomfortable, unpleasant and expensive process.

High school and especially college students know to party and travel right. Study hard, but have fun hard too! That’s why smart students should plan a memorable spring break adventure far in advance.

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