How to Prepare for a Road Trip for Maximum Comfort

There’s nothing like hitting the road with beautiful sights to see and things to do. As you prepare for a road trip, it’s critical that you consider the things you need in order to feel maximum comfort and ease. Doing a little extra work to ensure you’ve made every preparation will banish any stress. It will also help you just enjoy the journey!

Choose Travel Clothes Wisely

The right travel clothes can make a significant difference in how comfortable you are during your road trip. In general, picking out outfits for cooler weather, warmer weather, sporty activities, nice-looking outings, and lounging time will give you a good range of options. As you think about which clothes to bring and wear, perhaps lean toward stretchy loose clothes and materials. These types of materials allow you free range of motion. They can be helpful during the driving itself too. Especially if you want to put your feet up on the dash or change your sitting position during the drive.

Choose Your Mode of Transport Carefully

Sometimes there’s no question of which vehicle you’ll be using. However, sometimes, you have options. In the case of the latter, be aware of little details that will affect your comfort level. Such as how spacious the seats are, how big the boot is and how well the AC works. Additionally, other details like the window tinting can affect your comfort more than you may initially think. For example, window tinting blocks up to 98% of solar heat, which can greatly increase your level of comfort in a vehicle. Other options to look into are train or bus fare for your particular destination. You might be surprised by how inexpensive it can be to take a bus for a trip. Also, it can be a less cramped, more comfortable way to travel if you have a large party.

Get Plenty of Rest Beforehand

Regardless of whether you’re the driver or a passenger, getting plenty of rest can go a long way towards making the road trip a more comfortable experience. Try to not only get good sleep the night before your trip but also get good sleep the week leading up to the trip. This will help you ensure your body is fully charged up for your travelling. Don’t overbook yourself during the trip either, so that you always feel rested for the next day of driving.

Plan Some Entertainment

Planning some entertainment options for the drive will make a big difference in how enjoyable the hours spent in the car are for everyone involved. Lots of social games work well in this context, like Would You Rather? or the Alphabet Game. Another good idea is to build a good road trip playlist. If possible, you can make this even more interactive by making a group playlist to which all the individuals going on the trip have access. Then, people can add their music to the same playlist. Therefore, allowing you to make sure that everyone gets to hear songs they enjoy along the trip.

Share the Driving If Possible

Dividing up the driving between a few people is a great way to stay safe and comfortable. No single person should be exhausted at the wheel. Plan to have multiple drivers on a road trip by initiating some needed conversations prior to leaving. It’s smart to reach out to other people who are coming on the trip who are able to drive, ask about their willingness and how many hours they can usually drive at once.

Pick Good Travel Companions

Having great travel companions is perhaps the key to feeling comfortable on a road trip. While you can’t always pick who you travel with, there are many situations where you have more control over who you drive with. Try to pick people you already click with and try to decide on a good number of people. Having more people is always fun. However, it’s important that you not only think about the group dynamic but also the comfort level of having a larger number of people cramped in a smaller space. Even a group of really close-knit friends might have some tension. Especially if people are required to sit uncomfortably for hours on end.

Plan Fun Stops

Planning a few fun stops along your route can make a big difference. It can help you enjoy your trip long before you reach your destination. This is especially true for long road trips. Sitting in a car for hours on end can become quite uncomfortable for your body, so even stopping at a fun quaint restaurant along your drive will allow you to get out and stretch your muscles will make it easier to keep going on the drive. Having a few stops also helps you mentally by breaking up the mundanity of driving.

Organise your Stuff in Your Car

Finally, one of the best things you can do for yourself to ensure you have a comfortable ride is to think carefully about how you will store all your different stuff in your car. If you can, try to fit all your luggage and gear that you won’t be using on the drive in the back. Food and snacks should be as accessible to you as possible. Figuring out where to store snacks and food items will be a bit more challenging if you have a car full of people, but if you only have two people in the car, try to have all your snacks and equipment as close as possible to you so you can grab things easily.

If you’re in the process of preparing for a long road trip, implementing some of these ideas can make your trip a lot better. And while no trip is ever perfect, remember that one of the best strategies to adopt for any type of travel and especially road trips is the principle of starting sooner rather than later. Starting a list of what to pack, figuring out how to organise your stuff, and planning where to stop during your trip early on will give you maximum comfort on the trip itself!

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