Moving Abroad – Should You Stay or Should You Go?   

How many of you have ever considered moving abroad and living the expat life? I’ll tell you now Mr ESLT and I have. Over the years, for Mr ESLT especially, there have been a number of job opportunities come his way. Each one has always started a conversation in our house about whether we should do it – pack up and start a new life somewhere else. Needless to say we have never done it. Even though we love travelling, we are both very much home birds and love having our friends and family close by. Of course, we would make new friends, but for us, it’s just not the same, especially as we are both still extremely close to our school friends and see them regularly. Therefore, for the time being (and following recent time consuming, stressful and costly home renovations) we are staying firmly put.

Maybe you are currently facing an internal struggle and asking yourself ‘should I stay or should I go?’ Of course only you know the answer and I imagine you have a lot of things to weigh up and consider. It may not even be to another country but maybe to another town or city? Maybe to be with a partner? Or maybe because you have been offered a new job abroad yourself? Whatever the reason it can be a big upheaval both literally and mentally. Therefore, if you do decide to jump in your car, on a train or even a plane and start anew somewhere else, it’s important it is as stress free as possible.

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Therefore we have put together a few ways you can make the process more seamless and less stressful.


This may seem like an obvious one, however we are culprits of not decluttering before we move. The last time we moved we took everything with us and sorted it out at the other end – ugh, wrong choice. Luckily we moved to a bigger house and had the room to store everything in a spare room until we found the time to wade through it. I’ll be honest it took longer than I care to admit to. Therefore, if you are moving to a smaller property or abroad, do you really want to take that pair of shoes you last wore 10 years ago, or the chipped drinking glasses that have been collecting dust in your kitchen cupboard – probably not.

Hire a Moving Company

Having moved house a number of times, we cannot recommend this enough. When moving hiring a professional moving company has been the best thing we have done. Depending on the different packages and deals that the different companies offer and your budget, many provide boxes, tape and bubble wrap. Some even come in and wrap and pack everything for you, which is great if you need to move quickly. They will then transport everything safely and securely for you, many even offer an international service. We’d also recommend double checking everything is insured while in transit, just in case the worst were to happen.

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Consider Storage

If following your declutter purge you still have things you want to keep but do not want to take with you, then storage could be your answer. There are numerous storage companies who will store your stuff, most offering short term and long term packages. Storage is also a great idea if you are not sure if your move is permanent. Maybe you are heading somewhere for a certain amount of time because of a fixed term work contract? Maybe you want to hedge your bets and keep your things accessible just in case the move doesn’t go well (i.e. you split with the partner you moved for) or you don’t take to the place you move to.

Do you have plans to move in 2019? If so, where? Please do let us know. If you are an expat yourself, what was the most stressful aspect of moving for you?

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