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If you follow me on Twitter or stop by this travel blog very often, you’ll know one or two things about me.

First, you’ll probably know that in the past six months or so, the frequency of my posts here at have dropped significantly. A combination of a 9-5 day job that consumes much of my time and a New Zealand mountain playground right outside my backdoor result in there never being quite enough hours in the day. If I’m not working, I’m out riding my mountain bike, or climbing mountains or going on hikes around Queenstown.

Secondly, you’ll know that I’ve temporarily packed away the backpack and have been basing myself in what I constantly refer to as the most beautiful place in the world – Queenstown, New Zealand. This epic little corner of New Zealand’s South Island has become my adopted home – and slowly but surely, I’m falling more and more in love with New Zealand each day.

Lake Wakatipu :: Queenstown
Lake Wakatipu :: Queenstown

I’ve been here for almost three years and as a result there are dozens of posts in the archives of this travel blog offering advice and inspiration to backpackers considering a trip to the Land of the Long White Cloud. As a self-proclaimed New Zealand backpacking expert, I daily get emails from travelers considering a trip here looking for advice. I gladly reply and take much joy in knowing that my tips in some way will positively benefit their experience exploring New Zealand.

I enjoy writing about New Zealand, and I enjoy encouraging others to visit New Zealand – yet as this is a travel blog, there is only so much I can accomplish in this space. I’ve always thought the logical next step was to develop a NZ specific travel site. It’s been an idea that has been changing (and growing) in my mind as the months passed, and finally — I’m well on my way to developing it.

Introducing ::

New Zealand :: South Island
New Zealand :: South Island will will become a one-stop resource for the budget traveler, backpacker and internet savvy traveler prior to coming to New Zealand and after they arrive. A wealth of regional information will give you an understanding of New Zealand – where its regions are, what is on offer, what to expect and where to go.

Go Backpacking New Zealand

I’m constantly amazed at how little the rest of the world knows about New Zealand (Yes, it’s safe. Yes, everyone speaks English). This site will address this issue. The regional content will be complimented by practical advice designed to put you at ease when planning an adventure backpacking in New Zealand – when to come, what to pack, suggested itineraries, ways to get around and more.

This base content will be continuously updated and will be complimented by an ongoing travel blog from travelers currently exploring New Zealand. Their stories, photos, tips and advice will keep a fresh face Go Backpacking New Zealand.

This won’t be advice simply from me (NZ backpacking expert or not). I’ve taken on a number of researchers currently out exploring New Zealand – they’re researching the far away corners of each island so your planning experience will be enhanced by having the most up to date information on the Land of the Long White Cloud.

My goal is to produce more than just an information portal to New Zealand. Rather, it’s my hope that will continue to be utilized by travelers after they arrive. How?

Introducing :: Your PlaniT NZ

Your PlaniT NZ is a user-based system that allows you to interact with other visitors on

Backpackers, budget travelers and the internet savvy audience using Go Backpacking New Zealand will be able to find ride shares, travel partners, things for sale, jobs and more.

Driving from Auckland to Wellington and keen to share petrol? Post the ride on PlaniT NZ. Fancy spending a couple weeks travelling with some fellow backpackers on the South Island?  Get in touch with similar minded folks by posting your trip on PlaniT NZ. Looking for a job in the Bay of Islands? Find it on PlaniT NZ.

Win a Road Trip Backpacking in NZ

While the website isn’t yet live, we plan on launching in early July. Prior to this, we’re giving away an epic New Zealand prize package thanks to three terrific co-sponsors.

JUCY Rentals, Skydive Lake Wanaka and grabaseat have all co-sponsored a sweepstakes currently running on our Facebook Page.

Up for grabs is a New Zealand travel package consisting of:

  • 7 Day JUCY Cabana Campervan Rental
  • One Night at the JUCY Hotel in Auckland
  • A cruise for two on the stunning Milford Sound with JUCY Cruize Milford
  • A 12,000 foot skydive with Skydive Lake Wanaka
  • Domestic return flights thanks to grabaseat

This travel package is valued at over $1,000 and can be yours by simply going to our Facebook page, giving us and our sponsors a “Like” and sharing your name and email so we can email you when we go live.

If you’ve dreamed of a trip to New Zealand – but have never felt you had the budget to travel here – now is your chance.

To enter, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to and give us a like
  2.  Sign up to the contest by following this link (or clicking the “Sweepstakes” application from our Facebook Page)
  3. While you’re there, like our fantastic co-sponsors
Is there anything specific you’d like to see on a New Zealand travel planning website? Let us know in the comments section below!

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