Planning A Road Trip? Things To Do To Enhance Ride Quality

One of the reasons why people buy cars is comfortability. You can do more and be more relaxed when driving your vehicle compared to commuting using public transport. Ride quality is generally much better because there should be less stress involved. However, some factors affect how comfortable your drives will be. That’s because your vehicle is a machine, and every part it has affects how it functions. Thus, maintenance is necessary to make your drives more comfortable. If you’ve frequently been hearing noises and feeling vibrations when driving, it’s most likely that your vehicle is calling for a maintenance check. Prioritizing comfortability when driving means taking care of your vehicle. Here are the things you need to do to enhance ride quality.

Downsize Your Wheels

Wheel size affects ride comfort. The bigger the wheels you drive with, the less comfortable your drives will be. So if you prioritize comfort, you should use smaller wheels.

Ride quality will be better if you stick with the same wheel and tire size that your vehicle came with when you bought it. Unless you drive a truck, then that’s the only time you’ll need larger wheels to improve handling. When you install larger wheels, it only follows to use larger tires, which you can buy from credible manufacturers like Triangle Tires PH.

Larger wheels are also naturally heavier, and that extra weight can cause suspension issues. With larger wheels, your vehicle’s suspension will have to bear more unsprung weight, causing it to overwork and bounce. You’ll need to tune your suspension to accommodate that extra weight and ride comfortably.

Check Your Suspension and Wheel Alignment

Optimal car suspension and wheel alignment are necessary to have comfortable drives. Your vehicle’s suspension and wheels both become misaligned over time, which is why you have to check them to see if they’re aligned properly.

If not addressed as soon as possible, misaligned wheels may damage your suspension. You’ll know if your wheels are out of alignment when your tires make a squealing noise when you drive. Another sign is when your vehicle drifts to one side when you’re driving.

A misaligned or bent vehicle suspension can no longer absorb surface imperfections, reducing ride quality. Take your car to a mechanic to get your suspension aligned. For your wheels, it’s best if you have them aligned periodically as part of your maintenance routine.

Use Tires With Softer Sidewalls

Tires with softer sidewalls offer better ride quality. That’s because softer sidewalls are quieter compared to stiffer ones. That means you shouldn’t use high-performance tires because they have stiffer tires.

While they provide better surface grip, stiffer tires make more noise when driving. Hence, you should look for tires that are specifically designed for your vehicle. Look for tires with the specifications that match your vehicle’s because they’re more comfortable for driving.

Change or Repair Your Shock Absorber

Your vehicle’s shock absorber is part of its suspension system. Faulty shock absorbers are perhaps the most common suspension repairs or modifications ever. They’re designed to keep your wheels on the road when you drive on bumps and enhance ride quality.

A bad shock will allow the wheel to jump up as it’s bound to do during such situations. You’ll notice shock absorber problems when your car is bouncy when you drive. Keep in mind that just because your shock is damaged, it doesn’t mean immediate replacement.

You have the option to have it repaired if it’s possible. Repairing is the more affordable option, as buying a new shock absorber is a little more expensive.

Wrap Up

Ride quality is the feeling you get when your vehicle moves over the surface you’re driving on or is under the effect of braking or acceleration. To enhance ride quality and attain optimal ride comfort, you need to check your wheels, tires, and your suspension. Maintain all three parts, and you can be as comfortable as you can be every time you drive.

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