Regatta Women’s Clydebank Mid Walking Boots Review

Over the past year, if you have wanted exercise or simply to get out of the house for a bit of fresh air, the only thing we have been able to do (at one point legally) was to go for a walk! Now the world is reopening you may never don your pair of trusty old trainers and hit the footpaths again. However, there are some of us out that that actually love walking – yes I, Vicky am one of them. I’m not a ‘hiker’, you won’t find me hauling my backside vigorously for hours on end along trails but I do love a good ramble. Therefore when Regatta recently gifted me a pair of women’s Clydebank mid walking boots I was eager to try them out during my jaunts..

Design and Colour

Regatta Women's Clydebank Mid Walking Boots

I will be honest I am a magpie and hone in on anything pink or even with a touch of pink. Therefore when I spotted the Regatta women’s Clydebank mid walking boots with dark cerise detailing, I knew they were the ones for me straight away. Just because I’m walking, possibly through woodland and muddy fields doesn’t mean I don’t want to have nice boots that suit my taste and make me feel good about wearing them.

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As with most walking boots, these also have lace hooks with are great if you plan to wear thick walking socks, have narrow feet or if like me you have chunky ankles. The ability to have them as tight or as slack as you require is a great design feature, which means they are suitable for most people and ensures comfort.


Regatta Women's Clydebank Mid Walking Boots

I have always had either walking boots or walking trainers as I find normal trainers, especially the flat-soled, no support ones I tend to opt for are definitely fashion pieces and would not in any way be suitable for long walks especially over rough terrains. For me, if I’m walking I want to be as comfortable as possible.

The Regatta Women’s Clydebank Mid Walking Boots have lots of wonderful features that ensure that these boots are comfortable. Very few pairs of shoes do not give me blisters. Even after a good few hours stomping around in these my feet didn’t ache let alone was there a blister in sight. As Foot care is extremely important, investing in a comfortable pair of walking boots, regardless of the distance or intensity that you walk it vital.

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I have yet to test them out in the wet yet but they described as Isotex waterproof footwear which are steam sealed with an internal membrane bootee liner. Walking with wet feet is just a massive no-no for me, having donned the wrong footwear previously for an adventure, I vowed never to let it happen again.

They also have a deep padded collar and tongue for all-day comfort, a die-cut EVA footbed for underfoot comfort and support. Together with stabilising shank technology for underfoot protection and to reduce foot fatigue making them perfect for longer walks/hikes.

Price / Value For Money

Regatta Women's Clydebank Mid Walking Boots

I always find Regatta to be great value for money. Mr ESLT especially has a number of outdoorsy Regatta items that he has had for years and still look as good as new. We both find the price point to be realistic and competitive in relation to similar brands.

The RRP of these boots is £110.00 (currently on sale for £76.95) which I think is great value for money. Yes, you can get cheaper walking boots but you need to question the quality of them.

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I have read reviews where people who have had regatta walking boots for over a decade – that’s less than £7.70 a year. Whereas if you buy a cheaper pair that are no longer fit for purpose after a couple of years, you will end up spending more in the long run. I have fallen into this trap before and vowed never to do it again. Sometimes the old saying ‘ you pay for what you get’ really is true.

Would I Recommend

Yes. they are comfortable, lightweight, waterproof and have flashes of pink – what more could I want?! I am excited to get out when the weather is not so favourable to see if they stand up to some of the boggy trails I visit. Great boots.

  • AD: Regatta Women’s Clydebank Mid Walking Boots – gifted. However, of course, all opinions are my own.

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