Thinking of Going Travelling? The Basics Every Traveller Should Know

In recent times (pre-COVID19, obviously), there has been an increase in the number of people who have decided to go travelling. You have probably seen their fancy and aesthetically pleasing pictures on Instagram? Or read the posts on their blog? We bet they have made you consider how lovely it would be to experience that for yourselves. The decision to travel the world is commonly filled with hope, excitement and sometimes anxiety. Especially if you aren’t quite well-travelled. So, yes, travelling around the world is an experience worth having, but what you do not want to have is a knowledge gap in terms of the things that can make or break a trip. On that note, here are the basics every traveller should know before setting out on their adventure.

Always Keep Your Passport and Visa Up-to-date

Depending on the country you want to visit, the validity of your passport should be taken into consideration before booking a trip. You see, most countries will need it to be valid for at least six months after your return date. So, give ample time of at least six weeks for passport or visa applications and renewals before booking a trip. This is to avoid disappointments and also the possibility of losing money. It is also advisable to make photocopies of your visa and data page. Keep the copies in separate luggage away from the originals just in case you lose them. 

Check for Travel Warnings and Health Advisories

Always do some research on the destination country. Be sure there are no travel warnings or alerts you should know about. Your security is important and as a foreigner, you do not want to fall into the wrong hands or situation. 

Also, it is important to look up the Centre for Disease Control’s (CDC) website for health advice and possible vaccinations you may need to take before travelling to your destination country. 

Make Technology Your Best Friend

Whether you are travelling solo or with a partner, having access to technology and the Internet at large, is always a good idea. In fact, it should be your closest companion while you’re braving the unknown. Sure, you’ll be in a strange land with little to no idea on how things work, but a simple search on Google can help. It can save you from embarrassing situations stemming from cultural differences. 

Technology also offers you the opportunity to stay updated on important updates and information. As a soon-to-be frequent traveller with so many destinations to call home, it is advisable you consider getting a virtual address and mailbox from sites like to handle all your mails. So, no matter where you are, you don’t miss out on anything.

Plan Wisely

Travelling comes with its cost. If you are not smart about it, you will end up spending way more than you imagined. To guard against that, draw up a budget, take advantage of offers and discover ways to save more as a frequent traveller

Prepare For The Unexpected

Another smart thing to do is hooking yourself up with travel insurance. Note that there are different travel insurance offers out there so, pick one that works best for you. Things happen and having travel insurance will protect you from these unforeseen circumstances. This includes trip-related expenses that aren’t covered by travel providers.

Altogether, these tips should help you as a new traveller and turn whatever anxiety you feel into sheer excitement. Remember to bear the basics every traveller should know in mind, do your research on the countries you intend to visit and prepare accordingly.

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