What The Term ‘Travel With Style’ Means To Us

There are many strange phrases, terms and identifications for certain travel experiences. Not all of them are consistent from place to place. For example, ‘All-inclusive’ with one company may mean that snacks and room service are included whereas others may stipulate that it isn’t.

There are of course more vague terms such as ‘wanderlust’ which seems to be thrown around a lot. The dictionary definition is ‘a a strong desire to wander or travel and explore the world’. However, the term is thrown around a lot when people simply fancy a holiday. No shade intended we ourselves have used it in this way before.

There’s also a pretty interesting phrase that many of us hold ourselves to or at least try to, particularly if trying to impress a friend, booking a holiday with our partner, or intending on a little more luxury. This is taking the time to ‘travel with style,’ which can also seem confusing in itself.

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So – what do they mean when they say ‘travel with style?’ And, do we have to worry about fitting a certain standard in order to say our holiday was ‘stylish?’ In this post, we’ll discuss what travelling with style means to us, and how you can apply that contextual consideration to your next travel experience.

Celebrate Your Travel Companions

Celebrating your travel companions is a great idea. After all, if you can’t have fun and enjoy yourself, no matter if travelling with your partner, family or friend, all the style in the world is good for nothing. Maybe surprising your partner with romantic Denver hotels with hot tub access can be a great way to celebrate your time together, or taking them to a place they’ve always wanted to visit, like Venice at festival time, can be wonderful. Holidays should be about the place you visit of course, but also the people you hope to share them with.

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Satisfy Your Curiosity

Travelling with style shouldn’t be about looking good, and going to the fanciest restaurants, and wearing the most expensive watch while you do so. It should be about adventure and trying your best to enjoy something different from the norm and discovering new places. Satisfying your curiosity by heading on a trip you wouldn’t usually, fully exploring a culture, learning about the history of an old European town, or challenging your preconceived ideas about a country shows real ‘wanderlust’. It also shows the willingness to try and become more world-experienced. If style has value, it has to come from that.

Go For At Least One Luxury

If we are looking at the literal meaning of to travel with style then opting for at least one luxury is also quite important. It will add a little something extra to your experience and possibly make it more memorable. For some, that might mean spending an overnight stay in a lovely upgraded hotel room, travelling a class higher than usual (even if you use coupons/points it still counts!) Or ordering a nice bottle of wine at a restaurant. In other words, treating yourself, no matter how that applies, is what style can consist of if it’s done right.

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There’s no need to worry about what others think about your prefered way of travelling, after all, there is no right or wrong way. ‘Travel with style’ in your own way and a style that suits you and focus on what you most love about exploring this big wide world of ours.

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