What To Consider When Planning Post-Divorce Travel

Divorce can upset common routines that you found yourself in during your marriage. It can also disturb the inner balance of the divorcees. While rearranging your daily schedule may be a challenge, you can do it easily. However, regaining inner balance can be a much more difficult task. One of the best ways to find inspiration for a new post-divorce life and get in harmony with yourself is to take a solo trip like Julia Robert’s character did in Eat Pray Love. Here are just a few things you will need to consider when planning post-divorce travel.

Why Travel After Divorce

Many therapists and experienced divorcees recommend going on holiday by yourself to heal your divorce wounds and regain inner balance. Or simply blow off some steam and be yourself without compromise for a week or two. Here are some of the perks of taking a post-divorce solo trip:

Self-confidence boost: Depending on the circumstance of a divorce, it can leave you feeling abandoned, unneeded and lonely. Your self-esteem and self-confidence can suffer. In contrast, a solo trip grants you a chance to excel in your organisational skills. It allows you to prove what you can do. It can also show that you can achieve a lot on your own, even without your spouse accompanying you. This can boost your self-confidence and feeling of self-worth.

Flexibility and resilience: No matter how well you get ready for your solo trip, there will be challenges you may have to overcome. This will teach you to be flexible and resilient in difficult situations. As a result, you can transfer it to everyday life and resolve troubles with ease. 

Allows you to face your fears: Divorce can bring plenty of fears. You may worry about not having the power to deal with life on your own and even the worry of never finding love again. A solo trip own can help you to deal with your fears. There will be a possibility to reassess your powers and trust in yourself again.

Restore faith: Divorce can leave many people disappointed in the whole world. By visiting different countries and cultures, you will meet people with different priorities and values. Therefore offering you the opportunity to learn more about faith, kindness, and forgiveness so that you can let your past go and move on to your new life. 

Stacy Graham, a divorced solo traveller, shares her experience, ‘When I was back from my first solo trip my sister asked me whether I met someone on vacation with a romantic meaning. I told her that I met a lot of people actually. And everyone shared something good with me. Inner power, stamina, forgiveness, trust, and much more. This is what travel is for.’

What to Consider when Planning Post-Divorce Travel

No matter whether you go through the online divorce in Oregon or have dealt with your case in court, a good solo trip will help you to regain the powers and motivation you may have lost in the procedures. Here are some things you will need to consider when planning post-divorce travel efficiently:

  • Start small: It is not necessary to head on a year long worldwide tour. Take small steps at the beginning and plan a weekend break. Then, if you like it, you can extend the duration of your next holiday(s).
  • Book a tour: Looking for accommodation, places to eat and attractions to visit may be overwhelming for your first time, especially when you are tired after divorce. So, it is better to book a ready-made tour. A reliable agency will offer you a selection of trips packed with activities and prices suitable for your needs and budget.
  • Single supplement: It’s important to remember that when traveling alone, you will have to pay single supplement fees in some cases. For example, if you book a room for two, you will have to pay more. Therefore, speak with your travel agent to see whether you can skip extra payments on your solo trip.
  • Choose a destination: Why not pick somewhere completely random to visit or if your budget allows, take your dream trip to the destination you have always wanted to visit. Be open to new possibilities and opt for the best suitable offer to enjoy your trip to the full. 
  • Based on activity: Why not select a tour based on a certain activity so that you really want to do. Backpacking, religious tours, gastronomic trips, volunteering etc. Pick out anything you are interested in to ensure you get what you need from your trip. 
  • Care about safety: Solo travellers can sometimes be the main targets for criminals. If this is a concern, it is better to join a tour and travel with other tourists from around the world especially if you have never travelled on your own before.
  • Get insurance: Incidents do happen even if you plan everything perfectly. Take out a suitable travel insurance policy just incase you do need to make a claim.

When planning post-divorce travel, spend time considering where you want to go and what you want to get from it. If you fee confident organise it yourself, if not, let the professionals do it for you. This will ensure you have a great and fulfilling time.

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